Giant Tomlinson watching AFL backs job

He’s ab muscles utility, But GWS stalwart Adam Tomlinson is enjoying the contest of playing in the backline of the rising AFL club.

Tomlinson has the rare mix off being tall enough at 193cm to play in a key position Jason Pierre-Paul jersey, But also has the stamina and endurance to play on your ball.

“When you play back you are usually dictated to where you go and then you defend first and once you’ve done that you can try and get a bit of the ball.

“But still trying to know where your attacker is and then read the flight of the ball can be pretty tricky at times and sometimes when you’re left alone in the square and there’s no one in front of you Eli Manning Jersey cheap, It can get kind of daunting, But it’s often enjoyable,

He has been named on the half forward flank to play West Coast at pristine Stadium on Saturday, Bit it remains to appear where he will line up.

Although yet to nail down an immutable position, Tomlinson regards his versatility as a help rather than hindrance.

“It gives me more variety on being picked in the side, But on top of that, A person learn each position, So it takes longer in order to produce in each position, Tomlinson being spoken

Tomlinson rated Giants defending organiser Heath Shaw as the best communicator he had ever played alongside, Even if he has a good good reputation barking orders at his colleagues.